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Noise Issues in my Video

I spent a lot of money on 2 Rode NTG-2 microphones because I know the importance of quality sound in film and video production. The audience will forgive poor video before they forgive poor sound. We used the Zoom H4N as our recording device.

No matter how good your equipment is,  you will still inevitably run into noise issues. Filming a movie in Taiwan makes things worst. Temples, advertisement cars, firecrackers and cicadas are but a few of the sound issues that we had to contend  with.

Of course, air/room tone must always be recorded, but you still might end up with too much noise around your dialogue when you boost the levels.

What can you do?

Well you have two options.

  1. Dub the sound by rerecording in studio.
  2. Cleaning the sound up with software such as Audacity- which is the tip I am presenting today.
Thanks Bill  Myers! Hope you also find this helpful.