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Ibogaine, The Godfather of Entheogens

Imagine combining  a phenethylamine plant teacher such as mescaline-containing peyote, with a tryptamine entheogen like ayahuasca. Why stop there? How about throwing in an NMDA receptor dissociative like ketamine, as well as a k-opioid receptor dissociative-psychedelic entheogen like Salvia. Wow! That sounds like the grand, supreme, master guru of entheogens, does it not?

Ibogaine has all of these characteristics- though it is officially classified as a “complex tryptamine.” The visions can last for days and are often incredibly lucid. I have a friend who journeyed with Ibogaine, and he was completely immersed in other worlds for days.

It’s interesting that the Bwiti ,who use the ibogaine-containg Tabernathe iboga ceremonially, are syncretistic in their belief system. Similarly, ibogaine is seemingly all-encompassing in its pharmacological  effects.

This amazing substance is also incredibly stimulating to the nervous system while potentiating morphine analgesia.  Because of ibogaine’s effect on so many parts of the brain, and the profound learning experience that comes with it, it has been shown to be incredibly effective at treating an array of addictions from heroine to meth.

To put it in simple terms:

Ibogaine, The Godfather of Entheogens.


Ayahuasca Journey Report

The following is a short  fictional account of how I felt after an “imagined” ayahuasca journey from several years ago.

I had an experience with ayahuasca last Saturday. There was absolutely no nausea after taking it. I felt incredibly blessed. I was reminded of the perfect design of which we are all a part. I was shown the stuff of creation permeating all things. The beauty of this stuff was so far beyond words like divine, sublime or even ineffable. We are all a apart of this. We are more than just instruments in a cosmic band. It’s as if the music makes the instrument as much as the instrument the music. I’m reminded of a poem by Tagore: “Let this be my parting word, that that which I have seen is unsurpassable, I have tasted of the hidden honey of this lotus, that expands on the ocean of light, and so I am blessed that this be my parting word, in this playhouse of infinite form, I have had my play and here I have caught sight of him that is formless, my whole body and my limbs have thrilled with his touch, whose beyond touch, and if the end come here, let it come, let this be my parting word.”

The In-between

The beauty of the in-between

all-pervasive, but never seen

It’s both here and there

and in the air

yet nowhere at all

that silent call

unspoken truth shouting out loud

pristine clarity doth confound

Only the brave and the true receive its gifts

Deny denial and the veil lifts